advAbuse crimes usually involve children. Child abuse is treated in courts as one of the most heinous crimes on the books. Obviously serious and flagrant abuse will be treated harshly by the courts. The problem arises if a parent uses physical means to discipline a child without the intent to seriously harm the child, for example, if your three-year-old runs out into the street, would it be so terrible to spank him to make sure he never does it again? Well, if someone sees you do that and calls the police you will probably get arrested for child abuse. I won a case like this some time ago because there were a few not politically correct older men on the jury and they refused to convict.

Domestic violence is everywhere these days. Sometimes the defendant is a truly violent person and needs serious punishment and/or treatment. But there are also instances of domestic violence where the circumstances can be very attenuating, for example, sometimes one spouse will do something to the other spouse and in fact cause the problem in the first place. The police are not interested in causation, only whether an injury occurred, no matter how minor. Bail for a first time domestic violence charge is $50,000, and is very hard to get reduced. There are many ways to win these types of cases if the victim/spouse has a change of heart and does not want the case to go forward, but the prosecution will always do everything possible to thwart the desires of the victim. If the victim wants the case dismissed it is always better to hire a smart aggressive lawyer to overcome the normal procedures of the prosecution.



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