theftTheft is any taking of another’s property either without permission or through fraud of some kind. Using a stolen or fraudulent credit card to obtain goods is obviously a theft, as well as simply surreptitiously removing a candy bar from a grocery store shelf. Generally simple thefts do not involve jail time for a first offender. In fact, in many parts of Los Angeles a first time petty theft can result in a few days of community service and a dismissal of the charges without even a guilty plea. Of course repeat offenders and large-scale thefts are not treated so leniently.

One of the interesting aspects of having an office in Beverly Hills is the frequency of defending wealthy women who steal designer goods from upscale stores. Such women will steal expensive items that they could easily afford but suffer from various psychological compulsions to steal to overcome depression or a cry for help from some other psychological issue. A creative lawyer should always be looking for a psychological component to an otherwise incomprehensible theft by an affluent client.

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