– Client pleads guilty to embezzling over 6 million dollars from employer and is sentenced to probation with time in a rehabilitation facility. No prison sentence!

– Jury finds client not guilty of gang-related drive-by murder charge.

– Defendant pled guilty to transportation of Ecstasy, an aggravated felony causing deportation. Guilty Plea vacated, Defendant will not be deported [see the minute order]

– Client charged with various counts of pimping and pandering in San Bernardino county. Suppression motion granted as to evidence in his car and all charges subsequently dismissed. [see minute order]

– Client charged with Sale and Possession for Sale of Marijuana. Police officer testified that he observed a marijuana transaction on the sidewalk outside Client’s home. The judge did not believe the officer and a Motion to Suppress Evidence was granted. All charges dismissed. [see Winning a Motion to Suppress Evidence]

– Client was charged with sale and possession for sale of 5 pounds of methamphetamine, thus facing a potential 19 years in prison because of the weight enhancement. Case was resolved with probation and one year in the county jail [see copy minute order].

– Client, a medical doctor, was charged with bribery of a police officer. The charge was dismissed after five days of community service. Doctor kept his medical license.[see copy of minute order]

– Defendant, a successful businessman and a non-citizen, arrested with four ounces of cocaine in the center console of his car, along with a scale. If convicted of possession for sale of cocaine he would be deported, plus the prosecutor wanted two years in state prison. After over a year of negotiations, prosecutor agreed to let defendant plead guilty to transportation of cocaine, which avoids deportation, plus spend a few nights in a private jail.

– Non-citizen client convicted of Assault with a Deadly Weapon in 1982. Married with two children and living a quiet, law-abiding life, INS discovered the conviction and sought to deport him as an Aggravated Felon. Mr. Fenster successfully vacated the conviction, and INS is now history.  [see copy of minute order]

– Defendant charged with felon in possession of a gun. Probation had terminated on the prior felony in 2006. After defendant’s arrest on the gun charge, Mr. Fenster went to the judge on the prior felony and had the felony reduced to a misdemeanor, effective 2006. The district attorney on the new charge was very upset, but who cares…since the prior felony was now reduced to a misdemeanor effective before the new case, the new case was dismissed. [see copy of minute order]

– Filipino immigrant, married with three American children, facing deportation because of conviction for assault with intent to commit great bodily injury. Conviction vacated, client is now able to stay in the US. for the rest of his life. [see copy of minute order]

– Successfully vacated three felony convictions for Iranian businessman, thus helping him avoid deportation. [copy of minute order]

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